Angry Birds 2 – 3fifths

June 22, 2021

The triumphant march of the feathered casual plague through the mobile world continues. Rovio, the beak-nosed cardinal of all smartphones, keeps its audience tightly on the life support system named Angry Birds. And so already the Finns have tried to pull their franchise, and so, and a role-playing strategy game out of it did, and the ranger of Transformers, and with Star Wars mixed! Angry Birds 2 is somewhat of a test to see if the developer has lost his grip and whether he’s still able to keep readers and admirers on the exciting hook. And… yes, very capable. But first things first. So, Angry Birds 2.

The second part of AB as a whole looks like a F2P remake of the first. It starts with a storyline that seems to go from generation to generation with minimal edits. It’s about the balls, as they say. It’s about eggs, from which a sly green pig of French appearance intends to make an omelet. This hog steals the eggs, and in pursuit, first the red bird, and then others, slightly less red and more yellow/blue/white and even African-American! All in all, classic as far as it goes.