BADLAND – 3fifths

June 22, 2021

BADLAND is aesthetically appealing. A round hedgehog-like creature scurries up and down against interesting backdrops, changes size, does little tricks with speed and direction (left to right by default), occasionally encountering its fellows. The latter chaotically pile up, die, get lost in the wilderness, and only occasionally make it to the finished pipe. Traps in the form of fans with ugly blades, giant balls, trees with live branches, and so on can come across on the way of the silent lumps. The task is quite achievable in such circumstances – you have to keep up with the invisible operator, who is always moving the camera, and momentarily solve simple physical puzzles.

BADLAND is a dynamic game, but it provokes not complicated discussions about eternal things. About the problems, we have to face every day. You will notice the change of scenery, draw some parallels with the life path of a person, his growing up, acquired skills, the ability to work in a team, and so on.

You may discover a second bottom in this game. But the other situation is possible, that is much more prosaic. In this case, BADLAND may look like a simple platformer where you are constantly clicking on the screen and the character dies every half of a minute, which is annoying.