Head Ball 2 – 3fifths

June 22, 2021

Join online soccer and show your strength in soccer leagues. Play against millions of other players, beat them and become a Head Ball 2 legend!

Upgrade your character’s abilities!

New characters and accessories will appear as you progress through the game. Develop skills and dominate the soccer field.

Use reinforcements!

Use any of 18 power-ups to beat your opponent. They can give you the edge you need at crucial moments of the match.

Collect Cards!

Unlock sets of cards and get new characters and different accessories. There’s a surprise waiting for you inside! You never know what will end up in a set. The more sets you open, the more accessories you get to create an invincible character.


Soccer matches with real players from around the world

Set of cards with accessories and characters

A variety of characters and accessories to enhance their abilities

18 upgrades to help you during the match

Amazing graphics and fast-paced gameplay


Head Ball 2 can be installed and played for free, but some items can only be purchased for real money. In-game purchases can be disabled in the device settings.

An internet connection is required to play.