LIMBO – 3fifths

June 22, 2021

Kratos rips Helios’s head off with an eerie scream – the player smirks and mutters “cool!” under his breath. Dante cuts the horde of sinners in half with a single swing of his scythe – the player shooting rushes into more monsters to try out new ways of brutal slaughter. It so happens that a truly shocking, stunned modern user of virtual violence is very, very difficult – over the years spent in the company of ruthless heroes of games, all have developed a strong immunity to severed limbs, fountains of blood, guts out on the pavement. No one is surprised today.

But for some reason, when the little boy in Limbo is beheaded for the first time with a bear trap, you shudder and then sit in utter prostration for another five seconds, listening to the heartbeat beating frantically somewhere in the right heel… And that is what Limbo is – a game of unseen shrillness and power, which leaves most other games behind in its power and brightness of experience.

A little boy wakes up in an eerie, dusky forest. Who he is, how he got here, for what purpose, what this place is – unknown. The developers disorient the player from the first frames, put him dozens of questions, to which you need to find answers. We, through numerous trials and errors, must find out the basic laws of this world, study it and try to survive in it.

And it is not easy to survive here, because Limbo is a completely creepy world of black and white twilight, predators, and death. There is always somebody trying to eat or kill somebody, you will come across the lifeless bodies of his predecessors more than once, and the boy himself will die not less than a hundred times during his journey. Stakes, abysses, deep ponds, boulders, saws, traps, aggressive fauna – there are plenty of ways to say goodbye to life here. As well as checkpoints: the developers generously placed them in the most dangerous places, so there are no situations where you have to pass the half-level again because of the hero’s death.