Micro Pool – 3fifths

June 22, 2021

Billiards… How many round balls are in this world! How many broken cues, how many bruises, bruised teeth, twisted joints, super victories, and crushing defeats! Anyway, that’s how we used to play with friends back in the day. Fortunately, the Gabor Fetter Micro Pool 2007 doesn’t let you rage – which isn’t as much fun, but health is more expensive! 

This game, and now the Micro Pool by Botond FM Bt. – something nostalgic for me, and associated with the warmest memories of childhood. With Nokia 6120 Classic and Symbian S60 in particular. The communicators and the button smartphone feud erupted like a brazen supernova, and before the iPhone 3G many years later, the Finns ruled the ball and created a seminal gaming platform combining both J2ME and Symbian, taking the best of both worlds. 

Admittedly, even in those years of nostalgia, Micro Pool didn’t look very impressive on the outside, it took up tiny amounts of memory, and it ran on every soap that came along. But inside was a miracle, comparable to the Immaculate Conception in 2017 – a perfect billiards simulator, which now on Android, after Galaxy on Fire 2, Modern Combat 5, Real Racing 3, and DOOM 3 port, looks just as luxurious!