Shadow Fight 2 – 3fifths

June 22, 2021

Shadow Fight 2 – a mobile game in which you have a long battle, it is a fighting club in which you need to get better and improve your skills. In the game, you have to fight with the same people as you. But of course, this is not what is in the game, just there are standings in which you need to overcome a large number of opponents and get a nice bonus for it. The game is free and you can download it to your phone, not even the newest, it is still catching up. 

Once you are in the game, you will meet your gym, where will hang a punching bag and you can beat it for his training and improve your skills in the game, to start the game, you need to click on the button and go to your first opponent. As you just unload on the map, immediately try to learn a couple of tricks and hit only them, without making anything up, or the chance of losing the first will be great if you try to make new ones. In battle, you will have three rounds and if you win at least two, then you become the winner of the meeting. For the victory, you get the currency of the game and experience, for the currency of the game you can buy different things, but from the very beginning, save up for a good sword or Nalchik, they will help you in battle, increase your damage from the blow. And if you buy a katana, with it you can be almost unbeatable, because it is very long and the enemy will not even be able to get close to you.