Stack – 3fifths

June 22, 2021

Ketchapp produces a huge number of games, but their projects all fulfill their function. They are time-killers, as simple as a pen, but as addictive as… a pen. If you like pens. I won’t say I’ve outplayed a lot of Ketchapp projects – and it’s a publisher, not a developer – but for me, the new one, Stack, is the best timekiller on Android from these guys.

Stack is the best timekiller on Android?

Why? Well, for starters, Stack weighs very little, about 25 megabytes, the game looks nice, sounds nice, is controlled with one finger, and is very slow to bore. The plus side is the easy involvement of physics, the use of classic mechanics from the days of Nokia, and a kind of “pumping” of new types of blocks.

Remember the game City Bloxx, a pre-installed J2ME fun on Nokia phones and smartphones? The one where you had to build high-rises by dropping panels one on top of the other in time? On Android, the best example was the 99 Bricks Wizard Academy toy, where you had to put tetromino blocks in the same tower. There was also magic and funny wizards on balloons… Or was it clouds? I think there were clouds.

Doesn’t matter. The important thing is the genre: stacking. That is, stacking one layer after another. In Stack, which, I remind you, is the best time-killer on Android from Ketchapp, you have to stack slabs on top of each other. I’m assuming concrete – you know, for foundations! The slabs ride in a single line, and at the right moment, they have to be lowered onto the base.