The TakeOver – 3fifths

June 22, 2021

The TakeOver is developed by small indie studio Pelikan13, and the authors were inspired by the classic games – but didn’t forget to add some new elements to their project.

The storyline focuses on a trio of characters, Ethan, Megan, and Connor, who rescue Ethan and Megan’s adopted daughter from the villains who kidnapped her. The script is uncomplicated but gives the protagonists plenty of motivation, and stylish comic book inserts dilute the gameplay episodes.

The characters differ in their characteristics. Ethan is the most balanced, Megan is brisk but weak, and Connor is very strong but also very slow. The combat system is simple: we have a jump, an arm and leg kick, and a special stab that takes away some of the hero’s health.

Attacks are stacked into combos: by alternating the techniques, you will perform enhanced strikes. Also, you can find firearms in the arsenal of heroes. They deal good damage, but there’s very little ammo. Weapons can also be picked up: according to the canons of the genre, money, sandwiches, katanas, mounts, and assault rifles fall out of the crates and barrels you break.

During the adventure you will overcome seven themed locations, each containing three levels and ending with a boss battle. The stages are familiar to the beat ’em up genre: you move from left to right, beating opponents and destroying the environment. But two levels surprised me: one put me behind the wheel of a car and sent me on a chase, and the second presented an arcade aerial sim with gunfights. This changed the pace of the game slightly, gave a respite from the monotonous fights.