Train Station 2: Rail Tycoon & Strategy Simulator – 3fifths

June 22, 2021

In the world of digital trains, it is easy and pleasant to travel – there are no shifts in the schedule, frowning conductors, toilets that do not work at stops, and other “charms” of rail travel. However, the hero of our review can disappoint even in the hothouse conditions of the virtual railroad. The second part of the railroad simulator for phones was not quite successful. All the details – in the review of the free game for Android and iOS. TrainStation 2: Railway Empire takes the player by the scruff of the neck and plunges him into a meaningless and ruthless “grind”, the repetition of the same type of action without a particular goal ahead. The only thing that brightens up the local universal boredom and routine – a nice and slightly cartoonish visual style. Graphically, this game on the phone looks pretty good on the screen, unless, of course, you’re not an opponent of this approach. However, you quickly get used to the graphics and conclude that the heroine of the review is not much to catch. Railroad tracks in the free phone game about the trains are already built, so all you have to do – choose the location of resources, the locomotive for delivery, a little wait, collect the delivered resources and send them on, and then wait for the next timer. At the very beginning of the free railroad simulator on iPhone and Android, you can simultaneously send on routes only three trains. Take the limit can be removed with crystals, and even then after reaching a certain level. Like the game, new customers appear, and at this point, you have to deal with logistics – which train to send where.